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COSMOS No.8 / December 1996

This page is an excerpt of the message from Endo Shihan, which was published in Saku Aikido News, “COSMOS” (from July 1993 to October 2002).

Put Aikido Experience Into Your Life

Aikido Saku Dojo Director Seishiro Endo

From September, 1996, I had visited France, Liechtenstein, Austria, and Spain, and I am now relieved that I returned to Japan. It was the first time for me to visit Spain, though I went to the other countries many times and had many acquaintances there. Since I have only one seminar a year in each of these countries, I always look forward to seeing them after one year.

All the participants of my seminar are very enthusiastic and eager to learn and practice Aikido. Not only the people in Shodan class but also those in Sandan or Yodan class watch me very carefully not to miss every movement I do. Why are they so eager about Aikido? To the people in each seminar, I always ask questions of my own, what it means that one becomes stronger in Aikido, and how one who aim at being a truly strong man should practice Aikido. And I also request them to make the best use of what they gained from Aikido in their own lives daily, even in the places outside of dojo. Year by year, the number of participants overseas has been increasing, that makes both the hosts of the seminars and myself very happy.

The Founder of Aikido said to the trainee, “Watch carefully and constantly the state of things in this world. Listen to what other people say, adopt their good points into your own, and based on them you should open the gate of your heart. For example, observe the true picture of heaven and earth and get spiritually awakened by this true picture by yourself. When awakened, act immediately. When acted, reflect upon yourself soon. In this way, I wish you improve yourself gradually,”

I believe that the universe consists of the harmony and Ikashi-ai that is living together by making the best use of each other. Only human being forget about it and act arrogantly. The Founder said that the heart of the universe is the same as the heart of Aikido. He said that it is “love,” and wished you to master the heart of the universe by learning Aikido. That little selfishness in your mind becomes strong does not mean that you become strong in Aikido. I sincerely wish and aim at such practice that we can truly be in harmony with each other and make the best use of ourselves by respecting the others, with opening our mind to anybody and maintaining ourselves with dignity. (December, 1996)