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Saku Dojo Yudansha Seminar

As we organize every November, the Saku Dojo Black Belt Seminar will be held by Seishiro Endo Shihan this year.
The seminar will take place at Saku Dojo.
We will look forward to seeing you all.

Genereal Information

Date 11&12th November 2023
Venue Aikido Saku Dojo

596-6, SHIMOHIRAO SAKU, NAGANO, 385-0003 Japan

Keiko Schedule

11th November (Saturday) 15:00-17:00
Registration: 14:00
12th November (Sunday) 10:00-12:00
Registration: 9:00


Practice 3000JPY per day
Dojo Accommodation 2000JPY per night
Breakfast 300JPY
Dinner 1000JPY
Laundry Service 500JPY

Important Note

  • The dojo accommodation will be on a first-come, first-served basis for 25 men and 15 women.
  • Please make payment on the day of the seminar at the registration. There will be no cancellation fee even if the person who applied is not present on the day, however if you need to cancel, you are to inform us at your earliest convenience.
  • Please cooperate with infection control measures such as submitting an agreement form, temperature measurement and hand disinfection. Wearing a mask is optional.
  • Please refrain from participating if you have a temperature of 37.1℃ or higher at the time of temperature measurement at the reception.
  • Fill out the necessary information on the agreement form in advance and hand it in at the reception on the day of practice. Please download and print out the form from the bottom of this page.
Application Deadline: 4th November (Saturday)

Agreement Form

PDF Format:
Please download from the button below.
・File size: 325 KB

Application Form


Nov. 11thNov. 12th

Nov. 9thNov. 10thNov. 11th

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