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A single feather ~Watanabe Seiji~

First of all, I would like to thank Endo shihan as well as all the participants for the opportunity to lead a class at the Saku Summer Camp. I feel that I have received an opportunity to truly see how hard it is to teach, how hard it is to convey something to people, and to re-examine myself.

In this practice session, I put forth what Endo shihan usually teaches us but in the frame of tai chi chuan.

I began taichi to realize a soft aikido. I have been practicing for 18 years, but I feel that I still have a long way to go. In both aikido and taichi practice, the more I practice, the more depth I find and the more I seek, the further away the answer lies.

I have learned from Endo shihan that the stance of seeking is deep and has no end, and I would like to continue humbly seeking the path. To all of my friends on the path, “onegaishimasu”.

Finally, I would like to share some words that I am sure I will be studying for the rest of my life: “Judge accurately enough that you can distinguish the weight of a single feather. Make your senses fine enough that you can react to a fly landing on your skin. In the end, it is clear that others cannot know one, but one can know oneself and thereby know others.”